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Meet Wes


Wes Schroeder was born in 2008 near Cincinnati, Ohio, and is in his 9th year of kart racing.  Due to the COVID virus Wes is currently being homschool.  This allows for his schedule to be flexible and spend additional time at race tracks either practicing or racing.  When not at a race track Wes enjoys fishing for catfish, bass or crappie's along with playing with friends or video games.


In 2021 Wes will advance to the Junior classes.  Like previous years he will be racing double duty - KA Junior and LO206 Junior.  With this move comes a new karts.  Just like in previous years he will have Birel karts but he will also be adding a Top Kart to the garage as well.


Plans are to race at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresvill, NC and at the Ohio Valley Karting Association in Camden, OH.  When schedules permit Wes plan on traveling to other races as well.

Last year (2020) Wes won 2 regulary season championships, 2 night season championships and 2 of 2 fastest lap awards at OVKA.  This increased his championship eagles collection to 6.  Wes also competed in the Briggs Racing Series where he finished 3rd out of 1300 other US and Canada racers.

As mentioned above Wes will be entering his 9th year of kart racing.  At age 5 Wes asked for a dirt bike so he could learn how to complete backflips.  Mom, dad and Wes settled for four wheels thus the start of his karting career.  Since then Wes karting skills have flourished.  Wes is highly interested in setting up a kart and in recent years has been making changes himself as he see's fit.  As he said, he can feel first hand if the changes improved or diminished the karts handling and speed. 




Briggs Racing Series - 3rd (USA & Canada)

Champion - Sportsman LO206 (OVKA)

Champion - Sportsman Mini Swift (OVKA)

Champion - Sportsman LO206 (OVKA Night Series)

Champion - Sportsman Mini Swift (OVKA Night Series)

3rd Place - Buckeye Karting Challenge Series

Race Wins - 18 features

2 fastest qualifying awards



Champion - Sportsman LO206 (OVKA)

Champion - Sportsman Yamaha (OVKA)

2nd Place - Sportsman LO206 (BKC)

3rd Place - Sportsman Yamaha (BKC)

Race Wins - 13 features

Best Appearing Kart - Buckeye Karting Challenge

Asphalt Kart Driver of the Year - Dayton Area Racing Fans

2 fastest qualifying awards - OVKA Championship Race


Champion - Sportsman LO206 (OVKA)

Champion - Sportsman Yamaha (OVKA)

Race Wins - 14 feature races

2 Fastest Qualifying Awards - OVKA Championship Race