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Meet Wes

Everyone has a hobby or sport they enjoy, mine happens to be kart racing.  I enjoy every aspect of the sport, of course racing but also practicing, and working on my karts and engines as well as the wide range of racers and people you meet throughout the county in the sport.

In 2022 I chose to advance a year early due to my size.  I entered that year knowing I would be racing with racers much older than me.  My first focus was racing clean; my second was pushing myself and my karts to the limit with aspirations of a few wins.  With hard work on and off the track, I reached a monumental goal - winning 3 seasons of karting championships, WKA Road Racing Series and two at Ohio Valley Karting Association.

Many thanks to Champion Power Equipment, Red Line Oil, Authentic Restorations, Jet Ski Jim, Merlins Old School Garage and my family and friends for their assistance.

Much like in 2022, in 2023 I will continue striving for success on and off the track.  I am lucky enough to be home-schooled, which I like.  When I am not at a track I can be found fishing or modifying something.  One of my prize projects now is building a 1966 Chevy C10.

Here is more of Wes working on his truck.






Total Raceday wins


Season Championships

2022 (3), 2020 (2), 2019 (2), 2018 (2)

Driver of the Year


Fastest speed in kart

97.8 mph

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