April 23, 2021

Race 3, Configuration 1A

Ohio Valley Karting Association

The racing format was set at pill draw, two 8 lap heat races followed by a 10 lap final.

Wes started the first heat in 3rd.  In turn 9 of 11, a racer in front of Wes spun.  Wes avoided the kart but unfortunately karts behind him wrecked into him disabling his kart.  The race director provided time for the repair to all involved in the crash and restarted the race.  Wes won the race.

During the 2nd heat, in turn 1 another racer spun in front of Wes.  Again, Wes was able to safely stop, however, another racer wrecked into Wes disabling Wes's kart.

Wes's kart was repaired and now ready for the final.  He would start in 8th due to the misfortune in heats 1 & 2.  Wes drove well managing a 4th place finish.

April 25, 2021

Race 2

Ohio Valley Karting Association

Wes chose to forgo morning warmups due to a few broken chains and many worn-out gears in recent practice sessions.  The race format was pill draw and include 2 8 lap heats and a 10 lap fina.

In the first heat Wes would start at the tail.  By lap 5 Wes had moved into 2nd place.  Unfortunately, his forward progress was short lived as he was forced to pull off early due to a chain issue.

Prior to heat 2 the issue with the chain had been resolved.  With the pill draw format Wes will now start on the pole.  During this heat, Wes experienced no chain issues, kept his kart upfront the entire race and won.

Wes started the final in P4.  Within half a lap he move into the lead and never looked back.  With each lap his lap times improved.  Crossing the finishing line over 4.5 seconds ahead of 2nd place Wes won the season opener at OVKA and his first race in his KA100 Junior kart.

May 16, 2021

Buckeye Karting Challenge

The race day started out with light rain but quickly moved to sun and 75°.  Minutes before pushing up for qualifying the decision was made to change from rain tires to slicks.  This moved proved to be the right decision as Wes turned the fastest lap in qualifying.  In the Buckeye Karting Challenge series the top five qualifiers then draw a number for the starting position in the pre-final, Wes drew card #3.


Wes finished the pre-final in 2nd.  While competing in this race a crash occurred directly in front of him which he was narrowly able to avoid.

During the 18 lap final, Wes drove with determination and never gave up.  He ended the day in 3rd position.  Overall, a good day.

April 11, 2021

Race 1

Ohio Valley Karting Association

Unfortunately, due to constant rain and OVKA not racing in the rain the race was postponed until September.  


February 27, 2021

Race 1 (13th)

GoPro Motorplex (Mooresville, NC)

Although the rain was not falling, rain tires were necessary.  During the first lap of qualifying, Wes felt and heard something with his kart he didn't feel was right.  He limped his kart to a P10 start for the pre-final.

Unfortunately, Wes would have to miss the pre-final while the damage to the sprocket hub and axle was repaired.  Wes started the final in last place, 20th and did a great job bringing his kart to the 13th place finish.


December 28 & 29, 2020
WKA MANCUP, Race 1 (12th & 21st)
Daytona International Speedway

With the weather hovering at 30° back home Wes headed South to the Daytona International Speedway where it was sunny and 75°.  Wes raced in his Sportsman LO206 and Mini Swift karts and didn't do too bad.


Being this was the first time at Daytona in both classes, Wes entered the race day with no previous year's data and limited practice.  In both karts, find speed was an issue throughout the day, but that wasn't due to a lack of trying.   Out of 38 karts Wes managed to secure a 12th and 21st place finish.  The 21st place finish was unfortunate, another racer made contact with Wes in the final turn causing a loss of positions.

October 25, 2020
Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 6   (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
G&J Kartway, Camden, Ohio

This weekend the Buckeye Karting Challenge was at Wes's favorite track.  Because of this, he opted to race in 3 karts, Sportsman Yamaha, Sportsman LO206, and Sportsman Micro Swift.


Wes hadn't been in his Yamaha kart since last year but he quickly demonstrated he was fash and felt comfortable in the kart.  He won both heat races as well as the feature.  In the LO206 Wes finished heat races 1 and 2 in 2nd and 1st and followed these up by finishing  2nd in the feature.   In his 3rd kart, the Micro Swift he finished heats 1 and 2 in  2nd and 3rd in the feature.  

October 18, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Association, Race 12 (1st & 1st)
G&J Kartway, Camden, Ohio

This was the final race for the 2020 Ohio Valley Karting Association's series and  Wes finished the season strong.  He qualified on the pole with both karts, won both pre-finals and finals. 


With these wins, Wes etched his name in the books as season champion for the 2020 Ohio Valley Karting Association.  This make 6 straight championships for him.

October 4, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Association, Race 11 (Canceled-Rain)
G&J Kartway, Camden, Ohio

Wes was excited to return to G&J Kartway as he enjoys this week's track configuration 1B.    The weather was questionable with rain in the forecast. 


Wes was fast, qualifying on the pole in both.  In his Sportsman LO206 kart, he was over .6 seconds ahead of 2nd, and in the Sportsman Mini Swift, he was over .7 seconds faster than 2nd.    Unfortunately, the rain arrived and although the race officials waited, the weather was winning.   The race day was canceled.  

September 27, 2020
Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 5    (5th)
Circleville Raceway Park - Wilmington, OH

On Sunday Wes finished 3rd in the Buckeye Karting Challenge at the Circleville Raceway Park in Circleville, OH.  Wes had speed but the kart just didn’t have the kick to be upfront, and this wasn’t from a lack of trying.


The racing format was set for pill draw.  Heat 1 he started last and systematically passed racers one-by-one for a 4th place finish.  For heat 2 he started on the pole and finished 2nd.  Starting the final in 3rd he moved to 2nd quickly, after several laps he was overtaken finishing the race in 3rd.

September 20, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Association, Race 10  (1st & 2nd)

G&J Kartway, Camden, Ohio

During the final practice session on Saturday evening, Wes's rear axle snapped in his Sportsman LO206 kart sending him into crash bags as he entered turn 1.  Due to the location of the break and fear of adding additional damage to the kart while replacing the axle at the track we chose to return home and pick up his backup kart for the following day's race.
On Sunday the morning was cool (46°) with a high for the day of 75 °. The racing format was qualifying, 8 lap pre-final, and a 12 lap final.  Wes would again be racing 2 karts, Sportsman LO206, and Sportsman Mini Swift.
Sportsman LO206 -   Following one 6 lap warmup Wes proved the backup kart was just as good as his primary kart.  After qualifying on the pole and winning the pre-final he went on to win the final as well.

Sportsman Mini Swift - Wes qualified on the pole with this kart too and followed it up with a win in the pre-final.  In the final Wes was swapping 1st with another racer most of the race.  On the final lap, in the final turn, and tightest, Wes made a pass most karters wouldn't think about.  Unfortunately, his kart didn't have the get-up and go like the other racer and Wes fell to 2nd by .007 seconds.

September 13, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 9    (1st & 1st)
G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

Sunday’s race was (computerized) pill draw, consisted of two 8 laps’ heats and a 10 lap final.  The weather was mostly cloudy and in the mid-’80s.


Sportsman LO206 – Wes started heat 1 on the tail, 19th.  In 7 laps he passed 16 racers.  After taking the white flag he set his sights on two racers ahead of him.  He managed to pull off a huge feat by passing both karters and taking his Champion Power Equipment, Red Line Oil kart from last to first!  Heat 2 was inverted so he started on the pole.  He drove the entire race upfront, again finishing 1st.  Starting the feature on the pole he quickly took the lead and never looked back.  10 laps later he crossed the finish line ahead of all other racers winning his 6th LO206 race of the season.


Sportsman Mini Swift – Wes started this race in the last position and within just a few laps maneuvered his kart to the lead winning heat 1.  For heat 2 the field was inverted and Wes started this race on the pole.  When the green flagged waved he immediately put his kart in the lead and with fierce determination didn’t stop giving his all until being the first to see the checkered flag.  In the feature, he started P1.  Again, Wes and his kart were in dialed in.   From lap 1 to 10 Wes was in front, winning this race to 5 seconds ahead of 2nd.

September 12, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 8    (1st & 1st)
G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

The weather was excellent for another race weekend!   Wes was also determined to finish well; he began prepping earlier this week by choosing to practice over 4 days, just fewer than 700 laps.


He proved early he was fast, qualifying P1 in both his karts, Sportsman LO206 and Sportsman Mini Swift.  In each of the finals, he took a quick and commanding lead.  At the conclusion of each of the features, Wes had driven fast, clean, and with determination giving him an 11+ second lead over 2nd places.

August 28, 2020

Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 4    (5th)

Wilmington Raceway Park - Wilmington, OH

The weekend's weather was exceptional, upper 70's and no rain.  The race format was set at pill draw with two 8 lap heats and a12 lap final.


In heat 1 Wes came out strong immediately putting his kart in the lead.  On the final lap, he was hit and fell to 3rd position.  Prior to heat 2 several changes were made.  Wes started last (pill draw) and managed a respectful 4th.


For the final Wes would start 5th.  The racing was rough with several racers thinking they were in bumper cars as opposed to karts.  Wes managed to climb to 2nd before dropping back to 5th due to damage he incurred when another race struck Wes thus cutting the valve stem from the left front tire.  Wes continued to lean and transfer weight off the left front for the final 3 laps doing what he could to salvage a top 5.

August 22, 2020
Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 7    (1st & 1st)
G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

Today the racing took place on the tightest configuration at G & J Kartway, A configuration.  Wes chose to race his 11-year-old chassis, feeling they would be the fastest of his fleet, and he was correct.  The racing format was qualify, a 9 laps pre-final, and 12 lap final. 
In the LO206 Sportsman class, Wes was fast!  He qualified P1 and followed that up with winning the pre-final as well as the final.  When he crossed the finish line Wes had over an 11-second lead!
With the Mini Swift Wes was fast again.  He qualified P1 along with winning the pre-final and final.

August 8th & 9th

Buckeye Karting Challenge, Races 3   (2nd)

Fremont Raceway Park - Fremont, OH

The weather was questionable all weekend with the strongest possibility of rain during the morning of race day.  

On Saturday for practice, the weather held off and Wes was feeling good about his kart and the track.  Sunday morning the rain arrived but the forecast but it moving out in time for the races.  Because of this Wes opted to not go out for practice.  The race format was a pill draw.  Wes finished the 1st heat in 1st and followed that up with a 2nd place finish in heat 2.  On the final he started on the pole was passed early on and was waiting for an opportune time to make a pass for the lead.  Unfortunately due to several duplicate white flags as well as the race ending early due to a red flag Wes took home a 2nd place finish.

August 8th & 9th

Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Races 5 & 6   (2nd, 2nd, 2nd & 2nd)

G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

This past weekend was a doubleheader.  Saturday's race was one which was to have been run earlier this year but was postponed due to the pandemic.  The racing format was a 7-minute qualifier followed by a 20 lap final.  Sunday's racing format was pill draw - two 10 lap heats with a 10 lap final.


On Saturday Wes qualified P1 in both his Sportsman LO206 and Sportsman Mini Swift karts.  During his LO206 final, there were several back and forth passes for the lead, Wes finished 2nd.  In the Mini Swift class, Wes was fast.  At one point he was 20 seconds ahead of 2nd place.  Coming around a high-speed corner there was a bit of confusion with 2 flags being displayed along with a slower racing requesting Wes to pass, he, unfortunately, received a penalty for passing under the yellow.  Wes finished 2nd.


Sunday Wes started P1 and P4.  He won both heat races, LO206 and Mini Swift.  Because the format was pill draw he started P19 and P4 in heat 2.  Wes drove awesome in both finishing 4th in the LO206 class and 1st in the Mini Swift class.  Starting on the pole in both the finals and with several positions being swapped Wes crossed the finish line in 2nd place in both races.

July 26, 2020

Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 3   (2nd)

Wilmington, OH

This weekend Wes chose to race at Wilmington Kart Raceway with their local club, something he hasn't done before.  A few parts of the track are technical with one particular area consisting of a tight 180° hairpin turn at the bottom of a hill.  After a few quick practice sessions, Wes was ready to race.  The racing was set for two 10 lap heats and a 20 lap final.  Wes won heat 1 and finished 2nd in heat 2.  In the final, Wes was able to put a sizable lead on 2nd place early and was able to cruise to another win.

June 18 & 19, 2020

Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 2    (5th)

Adkins Kart Raceway - Port Washington, OH

The track was rough with the surface switching between asphalt and concrete often.  Wes was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught up in 3 separate incidents throughout the weekend.  In all, there was no damage to either he or his kart but unfortunately, those incidents hindered his performance.  Wes was able to secure a respectful 5th place finish.

July 4 & 5, 2020

Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 3 (1st & 1st)

(Championship Memorial Race)

G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

The Championship Memorial Race is an annual race held at G&J Kartway in which racers and family members who have passed away are recognized.  


Following a few practices Wes requested a few changes prior to qualifying, and oh boy was he correct!  Wes put both the Sportsman Mini Swift and LO206 karts on the Pole also securing two Fastest Lap awards in the process.  Wes went on to win both pre-finals as well as the finals.  In the end, Wes was able to take home 2 new trophies!  The Fastest Lap awards will be received at the banquet.

The Championship Memorial Race is an annual race held at G&J Kartway in which racers and family members who have passed away are recognized.  

June 27, 2020

Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 2    (1st & 2nd)

G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

At first glance it looked as if the weather would not cooperate; a few hours shy of the start of the race, the rains parted and the track dried.  Due to weather and a late finish the prior week the race format was altered to qualify, pre-final, and final.


In his LO206 Wes put his kart on the pole.  He continued to drive flawlessly throughout the night winning both the pre-final and final.


The Mini Swift started out a bit rough but ended well.  While qualifying the chain broke ending his qualifying run early.  Wes was able to laugh it off as this was the first chain issue he has had in 8 years and still managed to qualify in P2.  The pre-final and final went off without any issues.  Although he was on the bumper of the kart in P1, he just didn't have enough to make the pass.  Wes finished both the pre-final and final in 2nd place.

June 20, 2020

Ohio Valley Karting Challenge, Race 1   (1st & 1st)

G&J Kartway - Camden, OH

Tonight Wes raced in the Sportsman LO206 and Mini Swift classes.  The racing format was a pill draw.

 For the Sportsman LO206 Wes drew P17.  He methodically, with a steady and fast pace put his kart ahead of all others winning the heat!  In heat 2 he started P2 winning this as well.  The final began at 1:15 AM.  Wes was in the pole position and drove his kart to the finish line ahead of 18 karts, winning the night.


Because of the late start, Wes chose to save his energy and not race his Mini Swift until the final.  Making this decision meant he would start P6.  It looked to be an excellent decision as the green flag dropped at 2:15 AM.  At the end of the first lap, Wes had moved into 4th position.  Then, each lap thereafter he picked up one additional spot.  When he saw the white flag he had an empty track ahead of him and for the second time this night/morning, he won.

June 14, 2020

Buckeye Karting Challenge, Race 1  (5th)

Thompson Kart Raceway - Thompson, OH

At the last minute due to low kart count, Wes chose to switch classes.  This put him on his toes for the limited pratice sessions on Saturday.  Sunday began with one additional practice prior to the race day beginning. The race day format was pill draw.  Wes would start heat 1 at P17 and finished 5th.  Heat 2 he started in the P2 position and finished again in the 5th position.  Although changes were made throughout the day Wes requested several specific changes he felt would either put him up from or, at least in the top 5.  Wes finished the final in 5th place.